May 7 - 9, 2020
Hyatt Regency
Atlanta, GA

Who Will Be North America's "Best of the Best" Top Pro-Am Couples?


The Best of the Best DanceSport Challenge is a yearly competition between some of the top Pro/Am couples in the country who are winners at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels of dance. The Best of the Best was originally started as a challenge for the Top Competitor between the Atlanta Open, Holiday Classic, and the Ohio Star Ball. The Challenge has now expanded to 22 qualifying events held throughout the calendar year, including representatives from the Dancers Cup Tour, and culminating with the Grand Finale events at the Ohio Star Ball. Each qualifying event hosting a Best of the Best Challenge offers a different category, so interested competitors have their pick of several divisions in which to shine.

Here is the line up for the 2016 season (event dates on Competitions Page):

  • Holiday Classic - 9 and 10 Dance Bronze, and Silver 9 and 10 Dance competitions.
  • Maryland DanceSport Championships - Gold 9 and 10 Dance competitions.
  • California Open - American and International Open Pro/Am Bronze, Silver, and Gold Rising Star competitions.
  • The Heritage Classic - Closed Bronze, Closed Silver and Open Gold Multi-Dance competitions.
  • Michigan Dance Challenge - Bronze, Silver, and Gold Solo competitions.
  • San Francisco Open - Host of the Open Bronze & Silver International Ballroom & Latin competitions.
  • The Philadelphia Festival - Host of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Open competitions.
  • Emerald Ball - Bronze and Silver 6 Dance competitions.
  • Atlanta Open - American and International Bronze, Silver, and Gold competitions.
  • The American Star Ball - Host of the Bronze and Silver Rhythm, Smooth, Latin, and Standard competitions.
  • Spring Tulip Classic - Host of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Show Dance competitions.
  • Yankee Classic - World Masters Pro/Am 9 and 10 Dance competitions.
  • Millennium - Bronze, Silver, and Gold Theater Arts competitions.
  • Northcoast Ballroom Championships - Host of the closed American & International Bronze, Silver, & Gold Rising Star competitions.
  • International Grand Ball - Host of the Open International Ballroom & Latin competitions.
  • The Virginia State Championships - Bronze, Silver, and Gold Closed Hold American Smooth competitions.
  • Cincinnati Ballroom Classic - Smooth/Standard 9 dance competitions.
  • Capital DanceSport -  Six Dance American and International Style competitions.
  • Embassy Ball - Open To The World Scholarship competitions.
  • The Galaxy Dance Festival - Host of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Showdance competitions.
  • First Coast Classic - World Masters Bronze, Silver, and Gold Showdance competitions.
  • Hollywood Dancesport Championships - Argentine Tango competitions.
  • The Dancers Cup Tour - Best of the Best Bronze, Silver and Gold Male and Female DCT participants in 2016
  • Ohio Star Ball - Grand Finale events.

Entering in your selected division at a participating event is the first step to qualifying. Make sure to check the details as outlined in the organizers’ literature. The concept of Best of the Best is to take the winners in each age division of the qualifying event and have a run off to determine an overall winner for the competition. The Overall winner from each participating competition is asked to prepare a one minute and 30 second solo presentation in the dance of their choice for the Grand Finale Challenge in Ohio.  At the Grand Finale, the overall winners from each competition, and the Bronze, Silver, and Gold representatives from the Dancer’s Cup Tour, will present their solo and compete for the coveted Best of the Best Dancesport Challenge title at the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

The 2016 Best of the Best Challenge gives each participant the opportunity to focus on improving their dancing in a specific division and the winners the chance to represent one of eleven competitions at the Grand Finale in Ohio. It's a focused format of fun, excitement and recognition. Good luck to all the competitors in the 2016 Best of the Best Challenge! Remember, you've got to be in it to win it!