May 7 - 9, 2020
Hyatt Regency
Atlanta, GA

All persons attending this event, whether as a spectator, competitor, official, studio employee, or guest of the organizers, shall be bound by the NDCA rules, and by participating in this event, automatically become obligated to adhere to them.

ATLANTA OPEN and participating studios accept no responsibility for any loss or theft of articles left in changing rooms, ballroom, or hotel rooms, or for any loss or injury sustained by persons attending this event, whether as a spectator, competitor, official, studio employee, or guest of the organizers. Everyone does so at his or her own risk.

Private video taping is not allowed at any time during the ATLANTA OPEN without express permission from the organizer. Violators may be asked to leave the ballroom or have their cameras confiscated until after the competition. Professional videographers and photographers will be on hand to record your dancing. DVDs will be made available for purchase.

ATLANTA OPEN will not be held liable for any personal charges made at the hotel. All participants must pay for their own personal charges, room service, etc.

The Chairman of Judges shall be the sole arbiter on decisions concerning ties, or any problem in scoring. The decision of the Chairman of Judges shall be final. No judge shall be harassed or questioned by the competitors about the reasons for the markings.

The Organizer has the right to make final decisions on the acceptance of entries.

Any judge, competitor, or official who acts in an unsportsmanlike manner, or in any manner that reflects poorly on the sport/art of dancing, is subject to disciplinary action by the NDCA.


Medalist Material

Medalist material should be based on any NDCA recognized syllabus. Out-of-category material executed in the closed divisions will be penalized through a penalty judge. The competition will be invigilated and competitors committing infractions shall be warned or risk disqualification.

Age Divisions

See entry forms for breakdown. For further exposure, Pro/Am and Student/Student competitors may enter their own age division and/or one age division younger. The age of the Amateur or Student is the only consideration. Pre-Teen, Junior & Youth may dance up one age classification adhering the NDCA rules.

Dance Level Categories

See entry forms for breakdown. Pro/Am and Amateur competitors may enter up to three consecutive levels in each style plus one open level in the single dances . Students entering the Newcomer level should have taken less than 50 private lessons

Open divisions are not material-restricted, and can be used for showcase material and for additional entries for further exposure. An instructor may submit no more than one entry per dance/level/age category.

In any category with three entries or less, the organizers reserve the right to eliminate the age and sex divisions, and merge competitors into one category.

Solo Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions should not exceed three minutes due to time constraints. Music must be on individually labeled CDs. Solo exhibition critique/score sheets will be available to studio personnel on Sunday at the registration desk.


Scholarships are unisex competitions for Pro/Am adults. To qualify for scholarship events, a student must dance in the same number of single dances per scholarship event entered, in the same style.

Students may not enter both Bronze and Silver levels in the same style. Students may enter both the Silver and Open scholarships in the same style.

Bronze Level Students may dance up to Silver, Silver Level Students may dance up to Open. Dancing down levels is not allowed Students must enter the scholarship level of the highest single dance entry level in a style.

On Deck:

Competitors are requested to report to a designated area and check in at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled heat. Competitors who do not take the floor when called by the Master of Ceremonies will face disqualification for that event.

Dress Code

A costume is an outfit that is worn expressly for the purpose of performing, such as dance tails, ball gowns, Latin dresses, or matching attire. Costumes are allowed, but not required, for the Intermediate Bronze and above levels. Evening wear is suggested as costuming for newcomers (i.e. cocktail dresses for ladies, jackets or vests for men).

The NDCA changed the regulations regarding costuming for pre-teen competitors. Please visit for rules and regulations regarding their costuming.

Competitors should remain in the same costume for the completion of each single dance group or division in a particular style (Smooth, Rhythm, Standard, or Latin). Adequate time for costume changes between divisions will be allowed.

Spectator Attire: Please help us maintain an elegant atmosphere in the ballroom. With competitors in beautiful gowns and suits, we request you maintain the spirit of our event when considering your attire. Daytime: Dressy casual and resort wear. No shorts please. Shirts required. Evening: Formal, semi-formal or cocktail attire for both men and women.

Professional and Amateur Events

All competing professionals and amateurs must be currently registered with the NDCA. Proof of current registration must be provided in order to compete at the California Open. Visiting non-US professionals must Be registered with the WD & DSC.

For further information please contact:

National Registrar
Tel: (801) 442-8124
Fax: (801) 442-0541
Or register online at

Competitors performing Theater Arts solos must come prepared with their own special music CD. Routines are restricted to four Minutes in length, including walk-on and walk-off music.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Full refunds will be given if notified by [date 2*]. After this date, you will have the option of a 100% credit for the next year or a 20% service charge on cash refunds. We are sorry but there are no refunds or exchanges for cancellations or changes within one week of the event.

No exchanges or refunds will be made on admission tickets. All ticket sales are final.

If the organizer is notified of cancellations after the deadline, credit will be considered in cases of emergency only and must accompany a doctors certificate.

No refunds will be given for any cancellation received during the event.

Any direct costs incurred by the Organizers from third parties (e.g. Hotel, meals) will be deducted from any refund given.

Refunds will be made by mail 30 days following the competition, and there will be a minimum of $50 service charge for non- recoverable processing fees per participant.


Payment can be made either by personal/business check, cashier’s check, money order or cash. Personal/business checks will only be accepted up to [date 2*].


  • Top students in each division, both man and lady, will be awarded a trophy.
  • Studios must have a minimum of 50 entries to qualify for Top Studio. Points are calculated from all entries and placements.
  • Teachers must have a minimum 80 pro/am entries to qualify for Top Teacher.
    All entries must be danced to qualify for top teacher points.

Calculation of Entries

 Adult Single and 2-Dance EntriesAdult 3- 4- and 5-Dance Entries
For each 1st place 8 points 20 points
For each 2nd place 7 points 15 points
For each 3rd place 6 points 10 points
For each 4th place 5 points 8 points
For each 5th place 4 points 6 points
For each 6th place 3 points 4 points
For each 7th place 2 points 2 points
For each 8th place 1 point 2 points
For each recall from a previous round 4 points 5 points
For each pro-am or youth entry 1 point 2 points

Entries received after the deadline or at the competition will not count towards top teacher awards.

If a placement is an uncontested division, the points remain the same.


Brenda Burger, Registrar Atlanta Open
846 E Naranja Drive
Oro Valley, AZ 85737

PHONE: (740) 969-2431
FAX: (740) 969-4457
Email Address: USE FORM